The ‘Habitable Zone’ For Alien Life Could Be Far Bigger Than We Thought Our solar system could still support life long after Earth dies.” name=”description
UF-woah! Medieval wall painting found in Transylvania church could be the first ever depiction of ALIENSThe Sun
14 famous people who’ve been on the lookout for extraterrestrials
‘No Man’s Sky’ news: Procedurally generated alien factions assist players; lore takes place of story "No Man’s Sky" is well on its way towards its release this year and with more than 18 quintillion planets sitting in the game’s universe and calmly waiting for players to set out in exploration, the game offers a brand new take into open-ended video gaming. The game promises to not only …
‘Genius’ gives Stephen Hawking platform to explain it all to non-scientists in a fun way

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