Under Colorado: The secret tunnels of Denver International Airport Every day, thousands of people at Denver International Airport walk over it as they’re trying to catch their flights, and they have no idea what’s right under their feet.
Where Might Alien Life Be Hiding – Europa or Titan? Europa and Titan are the two likeliest places in our solar system to hold alien life. What are the conditions like on these giant moons, and what is the chance for life on each world?
Ivan Reitman Developing The Fellowship For Alien Detection Film Ghostbusters Producers will adapt Keith Emerson’s The Fellowship For Alien Detection for Paramount
Scholes UFO expert claims RAF Bentwaters encounter was aliens searching for nuclear weapons Revelations from Gary Heseltine come 36 years after UFOs were spotted at a Suffolk RAF base
Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigator, Minto’s Eugene Herrera, scans the skies for UFOs
Europa’s Hidden Ocean Has The Right Chemistry For Life Europa’s ocean could have the same balance of chemical energy as Earth, creating the conditions for life without volcanic activity.

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