UFO Over Australia Really Is a Weather Balloon
Hiding From Hostile Space Aliens Is No Longer An Option “It’s too late to conceal ourselves in the universe, so we should decide how we want to represent ourselves.”
Alien Intelligence Workshop Seeks To Shed Light On Evolution And Behavior Of Extraterrestrial Life Scientists from various fields held an intelligence workshop on Wednesday in order to examine the most effective ways to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations.
Tassie UFO memories rekindled
Here’s Your Chance To Help Astronomers Discover An Alien Megastructure Has an advanced alien civilisation built a mind-boggling megastructure around the distant star KIC 8462852? It’s extremely unlikely, but astrono…
UFO News 2016: Obama White House Responds To Hillary Clinton’s Promise To Disclose Area 51 And UAP Documents After repeated promises from Hillary Clinton to declassify documents related to Area 51, UFOs and unexplained aerial phenomena, the Obama White House has finally responded.

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