Clinton won’t get UFO truth because US Presidents ARE kept ‘in the dark’, says insider A FORMER senior US national security chief has claimed senior White House officials and even US Presidents are kept in the DARK about sensitive subjects.
Examining an age-old question – Are we alone in the universe? ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – For decades there have been reports of UFOs, with some even claiming to have met extraterrestrial life. Meanwhile, astronomers are discovering new planets with regularity, some of which appear to meet the potential to host life.
Entertainment: Find out why E. T. calls Pine Bush home Chatting with Dr. Nathan L. Rosenblum about extraterrestrials – physical beings from other worlds – is as matter-of-fact a conversation as one about the weather.
VIDEO: UFO spotted over Worthing
Advanced Alien Life? SETI Retargets “Pale Red Dots Billions of Years Older Than Our Sun” The SETI Institute belives that planetary systems orbiting red dwarfs — dim, long-lived stars that are on average billions of years older than our sun — are worth investigating for signs of advanced extraterrestrial life.

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