Did aliens visit Bromsgrove last night? A SERIES of mysterious events in Bromsgrove last night has led some people to question whether aliens were behind them.
Is there life on Kepler-62f? Planet 1,200 light-years away could have water oceans and be habitable Researchers in California came up with possible scenarios about what Kepler-62f’s atmosphere might be like and what the the shape of its orbit, to determine whether the planet could sustain life.
Alien hunter says humans should stop being ‘scared’ of contacting extraterrestrial civilisations Space expert thinks he’s found a way of ‘projecting our presence across the entire universe’ using experimental laser beam technology
Calcium-Rich Carbonates Underneath Martian Rocks Sign Alien Life Existed, Researchers Claim Recent findings by the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life Institute (SETI) suggest that there are iron and calcium-rich carbonate deposits underneath the surface of Mars.
Alien: Covenant – new official image emerges A new image from the production of Alien: Covenant introduces Katherine Waterston’s leading character…
Watch brave punk musicians save Guildford from evil space alien Punk band Darko has released terrifying footage showing their epic battle with evil Lord Emperor Sithulu on the streets of Guildford
Alleged Medium Claims To Summon UFOs; Skeptics Say Flying Saucer In Video Is Fake Perfect flying saucer was reported to be seen by several people when an alleged medium, Robert van den Broeke, claimed to have sent for the UFOs appearance.
Keep Christianity Weird: The Trinity, Mermaids, UFOs, and Holy Strangeness

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