Alien Minds Part II: Do Aliens Think Big Brains are Sexy Too? Can we assume that aliens will evolve intelligence over the eons, and will this lead to other technological civilizations? Will aliens find big brains sexy?
5 Reasons To Leave The Solar System? Aside from your candidate losing the upcoming presidential election, what other reasons would you have for not only leaving Earth — but the solar system itself? Here are five possible drivers to escape the surly bonds of our own heliopause.
The truth of UFOs was hushed-up decades ago
UFO enthusiasts at Oregon festival, ‘it’s all extraterrestrial’ McMinnvile, Ore.
Viral UFO video debunked An astrophysicist and a UFO investigator in Ohio have debunked a YouTube video that purports to show an angular object floating as a UFO near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
The Inevitable Is Almost Here: What’s Going To Happen When The Whole World Finds Out?

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