The Country’s Top UFO Festivals
Clinton campaign head says he filed FOIA request for UFO documents Hillary Clinton has often been depicted as an enemy of government transparency in the long-running controversy over her use of a private email server during.
Aliens are working with human scientists at Area 51 claims whistleblower (Video) This Whistleblower Claims That He Helped To Reverse-Engineer Alien Technology   Whistleblower testaments prove that top-secret alien technology reverse-eng
UFO and possible occupant spotted in Arkansas
Winnipegger details Canada’s most famous UFO sightings The 1947 UFO incident in Roswell, New Mexico is the most famous of its kind, but Chris Rutkowski believes there are more compelling cases that have happened in Canada — they just haven’t received the same attention because they happened north of the U.S. border.
Is Turkey hiding alien encounters? The number of UFO sightings over Turkey has significantly increased in the past few years, with some Turkish Airlines pilots convinced that the bright lights in the Turkish airspace are in fact UFOs.

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