Mark Hamill talks Pop Culture Quest and Star Wars Mark Hamill is a little tired. “It’s been 6 a.m. calls every morning, and I have another one tomorrow,” laughs the actor, who’s calling from England, where he’s working on the as-yet-untitled eighth film in the Star Wars series. “I’m taking to showering the night before, so I just roll out of bed 15 minutes before, and then go straight to the studio.”
Clouds On Hot Jupiter-Like Exoplanets May Hide Atmospheric Water A new research suggests there might be water present on exoplanets similar to a hot Jupiter, which cannot be detected due to obstruction by clouds and haze.
Fishermen capture convincing UFO footage during twilight boat trip THESE freaked out fishermen probably hadn’t expected to run into a UFO during a twilight trawl out on the open water.
Alien Covenant Rumours, Leaks, Release Date and All the News So Far Alien Covenant rumours and legit news is starting to creep into sight like a xenomorph from an air duct. So what can we expect from Ridley Scott’s return to his legendary sci-fi horror series?
Siberia’s Mysterious Crater Grows In Size, Formation Linked To Bizarre Explosion In Sky A mysterious crater in Siberia, whose origin is still a mystery, is growing in size continuously and now reports have come up that an explosive light in the sky was experienced during its formation.