Exoplanets may have signs of alien life trapped beneath their frozen oceans New research led by Dr Lena Noack from the Royal Observatory of Belgium suggests there could be life hidden under layers of high-pressure ice on planets up to 10 times the size of Earth.
ALIEN CONTACT UNLIKELY FOR ANOTHER 1,500 YEARS: STUDY Astronomers at Cornell University have now estimated that humans will most likely be contacted by aliens 1,500 years from now.
“The Aztec UFO Incident” is a well-researched, page-turner BOOK REVIEW: The Aztec UFO incident by Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey, and Frank Thayer, PhD
Even US President’s advisor can’t make headway
UFOs & The Haunted Virgin Islands Ghosts & the Supernatural – The Virgin Islands National Park is a United States National Park. It covers 60% of the island of Saint John and nearly all of Hassel Island off the Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas harbor.
Is it a bird? A plane? Scotland asks ‘What is that light in the sky?’ AN avid sky-watcher took to social media last night after spotting a streak of light in the sky over the Moray Firth.
Man films mystery objects in night sky “Am I losing my mind?,” said one resident after following brightly-coloured spheres in night sky.

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