Is NASA doing enough to look for alien life?
UFO BREAKTHROUGH: UK X-files due out in weeks could prove aliens DID visit Rendlesham LONG-awaited British X-FILES that are expected to shed new light on the mysterious Rendlesham mass UFO sighting case should be made public within weeks.
Jeff Bezos says a big government ‘prize’ could generate more public interest in space exploration During an hour-long talk, the Blue Origin founder shed more light on his beliefs involving everything from moon landings to Mars to UFOs.
Not aliens, says expert after large fireball spotted in night sky I was outside, enjoying a nice dinner and drink on a Montreal rooftop Tuesday evening when I saw it – a large fiery ball that blazed across the night sky.
The Fermi Paradox: A 10 Step Guide To Finding AliensAre we alone? The Fermi Paradox is just the beginning.
Mysterious bright sphere over Christchurch latest in record of unexplained Kiwi UFOs Another mysterious sighting reported in NZ skies but explanations remain unconvincing.
Alien nation: Is anybody out there?
From California to Dubai, the UFO-shaped hotels From floating villas in Dubai to spaceship tree houses in Sweden, MailOnline Travel has selected the ultimate UFO-shaped lodgings which can be experienced from the comfort of planet Earth.

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