Leave it to my home state of Washington to try to pass some legendary legislature in these politically heavy times.

Last week, State Sen. Ann Rivers (R) introduced a bill to enlist Bigfoot as the official state cryptid of Washington. The idea spun from a letter from a second-grader, who penned all the reasons why the Sasquatch is so important to the States cultural identity. Rivers was persuaded in part from her own kids’ fascination with the subject and by the possibility of peaking younger generations’ interest in politics. Senate Bill 5816 is short, but straight to the punch, requesting that the “Forest Yeti” be recognized for the “immeasurable contributions to the Washinton state’s cultural heritage and ecosystem.”

Senate Bill 5816 (credit: Rivers)

Sen. Rivers expands in her announcement, claiming, “I am certain that Sasquatch, the most eminent and recognizable cryptid in North America, is a native Washingtonian. And being an official state symbol has to be a big step up from being in television commercials for beef jerky.”

Well, she’s got that right.

It’s no secret that Washington has been a hotbed of Sasquatch sightings, lore, and alleged trace evidence for decades. The mysterious creature is thought to live in the dense forests throughout the Pacific Northwest, alluding humans for generations.

I’ll be posting about the Sasquatch / Pacific Northwest connection in great detail later, but for now, let’s hope this bill passes next term. We call dibs Oregon!

Does your state have an official cryptid? What would you want it to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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