I’m happy to announce that my esteemed colleague, Spacing Out! co-host, and friend Jason McClellan (you may know him as one of the Rogue Planet founders) will co-star in a new UFO show entitled Hanger 1: The UFO Files. The show is set to premiere tonight February 28th at 10 PM EST on History 2.

History.com describes:

“There is a place where the truth about UFOs exists; a vast archive of over 70,000 files gathered over nearly half a century.  The place is called Hangar 1. Now, it is finally open for investigation. MUFON, the largest and most respected private organization dedicated to investigating UFOs, has worked diligently to compile, research and store these files. The new H2 series Hangar 1: The UFO Files will delve deep into these archives to look for connections, clues and evidence; because only by investigating the files of Hangar 1 can we find the truth about UFOs.”

The show will feature event creations with case facts and commentaries by UFO investigators, journalists, and researchers. If nothing else tune in to judge how Jason looks in a cardigan (use #JasonsCardigan). You can read the full story here: New UFO show features MUFON.

I’m not too keen on their visuals, so I made my own crude recreation in paint…why? Because Photoshop is on the other computer.

Hanger 18 poster

Hager 18…er…Hanger 1 (credit: Sunn Classic Pictures. )

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