Phoenix Lights: The 20th Anniversary

March 13, 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights–perhaps the best-known mass UFO sighting of the modern UFO era. On this episode of UFO modPod, Maureen, Jason, and Ryan have a roundtable discussion about the Phoenix Lights.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for acknowledging the Phoenix Lights 20th anniversary!

    However, to set the record straight, I didn’t say that everyone knows what flares look like, just that they are commonly deployed around the Phoenix area and that it’s important to be prudent about definitive explanations in light that most anomalies can be explained. In fact, I did a special CNN Report to alert the public of what to look for when these “lights” appear, including flare characteristics of drifting down haphazardly with the wind, flicker frantically (instead of balls of lights), and have huge smoke trails VS rock solid equidistantly spaced ORBS that “seem to be attached to something” or actually attached to a massive Craft of the True Unknowns.

    Whether or not flares were actually deployed at all as a diversion is mute. The most stunning evidence that the Phoenix Lights definitely were NOT flares is that three air national guard units TRIED to re-enact the Phoenix Lights on March 8, 2000 and FAILED. To date, the Phoenix Lights have never been recreated or explained. Judge for yourself.

    As you mentioned Jason, a lot has evolved with the Phoenix Lights story in 20 years. To that point, there weren’t just one or two events, there were MANY events of silent mile to 8 mile wide (according to National UFO Reporting Center Director Peter Davenport) Craft that traversed throughout AZ, NV, NM & CA for over a dozen hours. After a 12 year meticulous study, it was concluded that there was a Parade of 10 DIFFERENT Craft.

    Wish I could have joined your terrific group discussion to set the record straight, which I have tried to do – as Scientifically as possible – since coming forward after 7 yrs. of anonymity and intense investigation & documentation for the past 20 years since the Historic & still unexplained 3.13.97 mass sighting. Have never stated what they were…only that they were. And that the Topic needs to be addressed, accepted and studied, as Navy Optical Physicist, Dr. Bruce Maccabee’s did with his meticulous analysis of my 35-mm photos of the “Phoenix Lights’ during my 1995 close encounter and his conclusion (presented at the 1999 MUFON International Symposium in Wash. D.C. as the first (and perhaps only) photographic evidence of “Missing Time”!

    In other word, there is MUCH MORE to the “Phoenix Lights” and hope your audience will check out the ‘rest of the inside story’ in the 20th anniversary edition of the Book (which was originally a 750 page journal) & internationally award winning Documentary, both available at Amazon.

    1. Hi Lynne! Thanks so much for the clarification!!! You know we always love having you on to talk about this incredible case! Your passion and devotion to keeping the investigation going, and to public education regarding the Phoenix Lights, is so commendable. I know you’re working on some exciting things related to your continued public education efforts. We’ll have to talk more about those in the near future! 🙂

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