Past guests on the Rogue Planet Podcast, Andrew Sanford & Joe Cabatit have officially released the first issue of their much anticipated comic book, ‘Gwendolyn’ in digital format! For the low price of just $1.99, you can check out the first issue of what is to become an epic volume of demonic goodness!

To order the digital version, CLICK HERE

Hard Copy issues can be ordered by contacting Andrew Sanford.


Cover of Issue # 1

Andrew describes Gwendolyn as the following:

Gwendolyn, one of the most powerful God Children, has been living quietly in exile after helping create a truce between the God Children and their enemies the Brothers of the Kilmarnock. An old friend arrives at her door to inform her that the truce has been broken, leaving Gwendolyn to contemplate rejoining her people. Meanwhile, Jerome Overstreet, a young man from Brooklyn, attempts to find his kidnapped niece with the help of an old wheel chair bound man named Francis.”

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Sample Page