MxPx is commemorating 25 years of punk rock appropriately–by releasing an MxPx beer!

These punks from Bremerton, WA teamed with Silver City Brewing to craft a special brew named “Secret Weapon.” Mail-order beer company Tavour describes:

Celebrating 25 years of loud, fast, left-coast punk rawk, MXPX and Silver City Brewery, both from Bremerton, Washington, have joined forces to commemorate the band’s anniversary milestone with an exclusive, signature beer. Named after the band’s 2007 hit, “Secret Weapon”, the brew is a delicious amber lager brewed in the “left-coast common” style. Super easy-going with a full-flavored malt backbone and a clean hop kick on the finish, the recipe is a true collaborative effort between the Silver City brew team and band members Mike, Tom, and Yuri, who were heavily involved in its development, adding their own personal tastes and flavor preferences.

The special MxPx “Secret Weapon” beer will be available in May in Washington State and Northern Idaho, or by mail via Tavour.