Yeah, the title of this post pretty much sums it up. The Star Wars Adidas Original collection just launched in Taipei the weekend, and Hong Kong artist Dorothy Tang has created a very interesting series of poster ads to promote the Adidas collection. As you can see shes’ taken the look of the classic Star Wars movie posters and added frighteningly nightmarish little babies wearing adidas gear. The one at the bottom of the baby Yoda hybrid is pretty jacked up. Check out the posters and tell us what you think!

Star Wars Adidas China2 Star Wars Adidas China3 Star Wars Adidas China1 Star Wars Adidas China

Here’s a little information on the artist:

Dorothy Tang is known for her adaption of traditional Chinese art elements into contemporary confections, and had previously worked with clients such as Epson, Lomography and of course, adidas Originals. Her work with adidasOriginals included a series of vintage French furniture covered in Chinese inspired blue and white prints of traditional motifs (clouds, waves, flowers and playful infants) which was put on display at the adidas Originals Beijing store opening. This time around, Tang drew inspiration from vintage Chinese film posters and adapted the posters’ rustic colors and penchant for drama into new fusion film creations, and dressed her iconic “Shopping Baby” up as various Star Wars characters–Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Master Yoda…just to name a couple. To put cherry on top of the icing, the posters come accompanied with slightly cheesy happy Chinese taglines that are also characteristic of vintage Chinese film posters.