Dave Conte, co-creator of The Blood Grinder, is at it again, but this time with a brand new web series based on his film, Losers.

The web series stars Nicholas Schwartz, Conte’s co-writer on The Blood Grinder, and is filmed by Matt Braunsdorf.

The website describes the series as the following:

Losers is about a bunch of white, nearly-30 transplants living in New York City trying to make it in the film world.”



The premiere episode re-introduces us to the two main protagonists, Jef    (Cory Steven) and Rick (Nick Schwartz). The two are trying their best to come up with a speech for their film-making friend, Brad, using their original Losers film as inspiration. What the speech is for, you may ask? You’ll have to check out the premiere episode, Meta as Fuck, available at the official Losers: The Web Series  website!

Stay tuned for more episodes.