Graphic designer Anthony Herrera started designing his own Star Wars-inspired snowflakes a few years ago. And, just in time for the holiday season, he recently released his 2013 collection. According to Wired, this year’s collection includes Han Solo in Carbonite, Slave Leia, AT-ATs, and Darth Vader.

X-Wing Fighter snowflake. (Credit: Anthony Herrera)

X-Wing Fighter snowflake. (Credit: Anthony Herrera)

Herrera explained to Wired,

The Star Wars snowflake designs began as just doing designs of characters that me and my daughter wanted to make three years ago . . . The second year I introduced vehicles, and this year I decided to push further by designing battle scenes.

If you’re ambitious enough to attempt creating one of these Star Wars snowflakes, you can download PDF patterns from Herrera’s website.

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