The Planet Smashers announce new album ‘Mixed Messages’

Canadian ska band The Planet Smashers has announced the impending release of a new album titled Mixed Messages.

The Planet Smashers album Mixed Messages. (Credit: Stomp Records)
The Planet Smashers album Mixed Messages. (Credit: Stomp Records)

Stomp Records describes:

Mixed Messages is the 8th and arguably best long-player from our stalwart musical heroes. Combining their trademark concoction of two-tone ska, new wave, punkrock and pop sensibilities, The Smashers showcase their classic knack for writing immediately lovable tunes straight from the gut, all the while keeping their collective tongues planted firmly in their respective cheeks. These thirteen prolific tracks run the thematic gamut of party-punk anthems, dancefloor bangers, lovesongy crooners, geeky highsteppers to pissed-off melodic fistpumpers and back again, leaving the listener pleasantly spent and basking in an eargasmic afterglow.

Mixed Messages drops on April 8th on Stomp Records.

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