Another Roswell Hypothesis

Another Roswell Hypothesis

The 70th anniversary of the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident saw yet another hypothesis brought forward to explain what crashed in the New Mexico desert. Jason McClellan talks about that, and about the Roswell Incident as a whole, pondering the importance of the case to UFO research, and contemplating whether Roswell is still relevant today.

  1. Great job! Sums up the Roswell Case quite nicely. Looking forward to more Unknown, and the return of Spacing Out in Sept!

  2. Baloney! the “UFO” was a crashed prototype of a proposed crew escape capsule for use with the new jet bombers being developed at that time. That was the area where such devices (including jet fighter ejection seats) were being tested and developed then.

    The “Aliens” were actual HUMANS, abandoned by their families in government institutions being used as living “Crash test dummies”. They suffered from a known congenital form of Hypothyroidism that causes profound mental retardation, short stature, large heads and supernumerary digits on the hands and feet (Polydactylisim).

    The cover-up arose from BOTH being a top-secret weapons project, and the potential SCANDAL which might arise should the public find out that disabled humans were being used as “expendable” test subjects.—-This is the most simple explanation and fits all the facts we know.

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