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A Simplified Approach to UFOs

In this first episode of 2018, Jason McClellan offers six suggestions for how to avoid over-complicating the complicated UFO topic.

  1. Hi Jason,
    Have you considered the alien/ufo phenomenon, being part of the rules of nature? I mean if we look out in the human history, we can see at a small scale that the first people discovering other nations/countries, were resource explorers. The natives were at the time clueless that the visitors were after their land. It also tells us that, how each of us respond to these visitations has a direct impact on the future and destiny of our world. Quite daunting but realistic and objective.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Many share this view, including Stephen Hawking. It’s an understandable viewpoint, as we only have humanity and human behavior as a reference point when it comes to speculating about intelligent visitors from other worlds.

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