UFO Disclosure. What is it?

Marion Webster defines disclosure as “The act of making known, a revelation.” In other words, revealing or confirming a truth or fact.  This notion of disclosure is a central theme in Ufology. Yet, there seems to be great confusion on what disclosure means with regards to the governments of the world acknowledging, revealing or making known the reality of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and a corresponding non-human intelligence as its source.

What exactly does disclosure look like and more importantly what will people accept as disclosure? Must it be the President of the United States staging a press conference stating they accept this as a reality? Is that the only method of disclosing or “making known” the phenomena and its source?

If that is the only way people will accept “disclosure,” they may never have it. Insisting on that method of “revealing” the existence of UFO’s and the ETH is like saying, “The hens will only accept an explanation of the disappearance of the rooster from the fox.”

It is hard to imagine a reason why a government would ever willingly “disclose” or come clean on the reality of UFOs and the ETH because of their complicit suppression of this truth since its beginning. Can you imagine them saying, “By the way, we have lied to you for 70 years, suppressed technology, weaponized said technology, damaged the earth, human society and profited from this, but now we want you to forgive, trust and follow us”? Will you believe they did it for our own good?

You may be surprised to hear this, but I think disclosure has already occurred. I think this “disclosure,” making known, and revealing has taken place in the past, present, and will continue in the future. The thing is, people haven’t and won’t accept it for what it is: proof that the government knows UFOs are real and they are operated by another non-human intelligence.

MUFON logoI have been studying the phenomena for about 10 years or so and I recently became a field investigator with MUFON. I have read hundreds of books, reports, government documentation, viewed documentaries, seen and heard whistleblower testimony, eyewitness accounts of scientists, pilots, military and police officers, and interviewed a variety of other credible people. I have studied trace evidence cases that include injury and death to animals and human beings, chemical, radiological, electronic and thermodynamic evidence, physically damaged plants, trees, soils, buildings, cars, photographic, video and radar imagery.

Someone recently challenged me and said they had also studied the phenomena for years and bitterly claimed that no proof exists. I asked, and he declined to answer, “What do you consider proof?” My point being, who has a right to determine what is proof and what is not? Him? You? Me? The Government? Scientists? Religionists? The answer is everyone. Collectively, as a community or society, we determine what we accept as truth. As you can imagine, you can’t get 7 people to agree on what to eat for lunch much less 7 billion people agreeing on what constitutes proof of the existence of other life in the universe. This is the challenge of disclosure, or more to the point; the acceptance of what is disclosed.

To be sure, some of the information out there is at worst malicious falsehoods, lies, misinformation, disinformation, the rantings of crazy people, irrational debunking, hoax and misinterpretation. But there is also legitimate data, evidence and proof. Unfortunately, much of the evidence is by its nature ambiguous. Lights in the sky for example, no matter how anomalous the motion and behavior is, still is only a light in the sky. It may be possible to determine what it is not, but we still can’t determine what it is. Whether by its nature or by design, UAP is an enigma that eludes an obvious identification.

However, that does not mean it is completely unidentifiable. It does not mean that it is impossible or unjustifiably something that should be studied, evaluated and, yes, disclosed. I would like to provide what I think already constitutes disclosure: The United States government’s acknowledgement of the Defense Intelligence Agency “Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program” or “AATIP.”

Luis Elizondo
Luis Elizondo (credit: TTS Academy)

As you no doubt have heard, this program was formally funded from 2007 through 2012 at an approximate budget of twenty-two million dollars over the five-year program. The former director of the program, Luis Elizondo, now associated with the private venture “To the Stars Academy,” has been featured on an impressive array of media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, Fox News, CNN, CBS News, the BBC and many others confirming the existence of this program.

While the program itself was not classified, some of the information related to the program is classified. However, some information has been released and is impressive in terms of its scientific, military, and technical significance. Namely, three videos of gun camera footage from fighter jets scrambled to intercept unidentified flying objects in sensitive military airspace. What is impressive about the videos, which are somewhat unsensational visually, is the amount of technical data that can be derived to eliminate or identify the technical capabilities of the unknown craft. This includes optical and thermal radar imagery from the fighter jet radar systems, additional aircraft radar systems, and from ship borne radar systems. In addition, there is testimony from military personnel including the fighter pilots confirming the reality and performance of these objects. This is a goldmine of scientific data that is corroborated to the degree that leaves little doubt that these objects are not conventional aircraft designed or manufactured by any nation on earth.

So, my point is this: The United States government has fiercely denied an interest, let alone a program to study Unidentified Objects or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena for nearly fifty years. The fact that they have revealed the existence of AATIP, confirmed it in a verifiable way, produced evidence and credible testimony to justify this interest is in fact “Disclosure”!

So, will we accept it as disclosure, or will we hold out for the President of the United States to come out on TV and state, “We are not alone”? Will we excuse it away because we don’t have enough detail to satisfy some? Will we give in to conspiratorial notions that prevent us from accepting anything as true?

We have a problem in our society today in determining what is true and what is false. Who would have thought there would be some people giving serious consideration to the idea the Earth is flat, in this day and age? Yet, there is a “Flat Earth Society” propagating new members every day!

It is appropriate and wise to be cautious about what is being revealed or disclosed. After all, this is an “Intelligence Agency” who is responsible for protecting the nations security. They rightly are obligated to keep appropriate secrets to maintain security and protect the interests of the nation. So, we are only receiving what they wish us to know at this time.

However, with that in mind, we no longer need to ask ourselves, “Does the government study and consider the UFO phenomena real?” That affirmative has been “Disclosed”! We now KNOW, the United States government is studying the acknowledged reality of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and is providing evidence for us to consider through AATIP and the efforts of “To the Stars Academy.”

We now must ask a new question: “Why have they released this information now after 50 years of denial?” Perhaps, they are ready to identify the what, where, and when about UAP, which may eventually reveal the who and why.

Until then, let’s continue to be skeptical in a healthy way, and accept what is provable and real. Yes, let’s accept what has been verifiably DISCLOSED.

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