TTSA video teases alien material collection and suggests larger video project

On August 14, To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science published a video to its YouTube channel showing the organization’s efforts to collect and analyze alien material—material that could prove to be from mundane Earth objects, or, just possibly, could be from something extraterrestrial.

The video is titled, “The ADAM Research Project Begins.”

The ADAM Research Project

The ADAM Research Project, which is an acronym for “Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials,” was announced by TTSA on July 26. The organization describes this project as “an academic research program focused on exotic materials for technology innovation.” TTSA asserts that, “From time to time, various sources have collected material samples reported to have come from advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin (popularly known as UAP – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – or UFOs).” And the ADAM Research Project aims to “subject these materials to detailed and rigorous scientific evaluation whenever feasible.” This is being achieved through a contract with EarthTech International—a privately-funded research organization in Austin, Texas founded by TTSA Vice President of Science and Technology, Dr. Hal Puthoff.

The recently released video feels like a teaser trailer, and that’s not by accident.

An integral component of TTSA is its entertainment division, which has several feature films and scripted series in the works. After watching this video about the ADAM Research Project, it’s easy to speculate about an impending announcement of a video series, television or otherwise, focused on the work associated with ADAM.

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