UFOs: Woo-Woo or Nuts and Bolts?

Let me start off by saying it is not my intention to offend anyone. I think everyone interested in UFOs should be able to participate and be treated with respect. However, disagreeing with someone is not necessarily an act of disrespect. It’s all in the delivery though. For example, if you were hot and thirsty, would you prefer to drink a glass of cold water or have it thrown in your face? Both will cool you off, but one is a lot easier to take. This is my attempt to offer a cool glass of water to drink on an admittedly controversial topic.

There is some dissention on this issue in the ranks of those interested in UFOs/UAP. The term Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) admittedly suggests a much narrower explanation (object) for something seen in the sky. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) tends to be a broader term applying to virtually any unexplainable occurrence in the sky (phenomena).

My interpretation of the use of the word “Woo-Woo” is the viewpoint that UFOs and UAP have a New Age, mystical, or otherwise esoteric origin. Whereas, the “Nuts and Bolts” origin is the viewpoint that UFOs and UAP are of a more physical origin.

For the sake of disclosure, I am a nuts and bolts kind of guy. However, the more I investigate, the more I find the evidence suggests there must be more to it than nuts and bolts aircraft with EBEs at the helm. So, I am open to a more puzzling possibility and explanation. Likely, we will discover the origin of this enigma may be some combination of the two, or even neither! No one has figured this out yet.

In the meantime, how do we get along as a single community? Certainly, we all need to recognize that nobody “knows” the origin of this phenomena. So, neither the “Woo-Woo” or the “Nuts and Bolts” camp has it knocked. Rather than viewing each other as oppositional, we should rightly see ourselves as a single research community exploring all logical possibilities.

However, if a line of thinking is proven to be false, we should publish that fact and move on. The truth can be a fragile thing and we need to treat the pursuit of it with as much integrity and professionalism as possible. So, where it is possible, we must demand the absolutely scientific handling of evidence, be it documentary, physical, testimonial, or even theoretical, and the professional publishing of the results for all to see, hear and vet. On the other hand, we must also keep our minds open to possibilities that we may not like, understand, or otherwise ascribe to in any way.

I just appreciate that we have an active, interested and engaged community of people who are sincerely interested in learning the truth of this incredibly interesting and important phenomena.

So, Woo-Woo or Nuts and Bolts? Pass me a tall, cool glass of Woo-Woo with a shot of Nuts and Bolts please!

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