Senator John McCain and the Rendlesham Forest UFO Connection

Sadly, we just lost a giant in the realm of politics. John McCain lost his battle with brain cancer on August 25, 2018 at his ranch in Sedona, Arizona. His family had just announced earlier in the week that he discontinued his cancer treatment. He was a Navy veteran, former Prisoner of War, and a feisty politician.

Did you know Senator McCain has a connection to the Rendlesham Forest UFO case that occurred in December 1980 in the United Kingdom? His involvement was at the request of Lieutenant John Burroughs, one of two US military members who had direct contact with a UFO. Burroughs developed some health issues later in life but was denied access to his own medical records. In fact, Burroughs was being denied the subsequent medical care for this condition due to his medical records being “classified.”

John Burroughts
John Burroughs (Credit: Open Minds/IUFOC)

Enter, Senator John McCain. Officer Burroughs was a resident of the State of Arizona at the time and requested the Senator to intervene with his request for his military medical records. Burroughs was in a fight for his very life! This injustice was a cause and fight the Senator thought was worth fighting. The Senator stepped in and help gain the release of those records so that Burroughs could receive the needed medical care. Happily, Burroughs has received that care and is doing well. It is no surprise when you reflect on John McCain the man.

According to the Washington Post, he was “a man who seemed his truest self when outraged, Sen. McCain reveled in going up against orthodoxy. The word ‘maverick’ practically became a part of his name.”

“He was always ready for the next experience, the next fight. Not just ready, but impatient for it,” said his longtime aide Mark Salter, who co-authored more than a half-dozen books with the senator, including three memoirs—the final of which included a stinging critique of Donald Trump. “He took enjoyment from fighting, not winning or losing, as long as he believed he was fighting for a cause worth the trouble.” In his recent Senate reelection victory speech to supporters, he predicted that campaign “might be the last.” “Thank you, one last time,” he added, “for making me the luckiest guy I know.”

John McCain
John McCain (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

In his final book, reflecting on his life as it came to an end, McCain wrote: “It’s been quite a ride. I’ve known great passions, seen amazing wonders, fought in a war, and helped make a peace. I made a small place for myself in the story of America and the history of my times.”

No doubt to the relief of John Burroughs, Senator John McCain made a little bit of UFO history as well.

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