Tom DeLonge has reaffirmed the exciting and ambitious slate of entertainment programming in the pipeline at his transmedia company To The Stars.

Since the inception of To The Stars, DeLonge has repeatedly stated that the company aims to produce television shows and feature films. He reiterated this on August 30 when he posted a video to Instagram. The video shows an excited, and possibly exhausted (understandably), DeLonge who is at a loss for words to explain the substantial projects to which the company has committed. So he simply states his message in the Instagram post:

We have an enormous amount of stuff happening. I just don’t know how to say it… 3 Television Series, 2 Feature Films, Advanced Materials Analysis from an Unknown Origin with the ADAM Project… But at the end of the day, I guess I’m speechless. 🙂 Invest at

The ADAM Project—an acronym for “Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials,”—was only announced by the company’s research extension—To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science—on July 26. But this effort to research “exotic materials” that might be from UFOs has already generated significant interest and discussion within the UFO research community. The announcement of the ADAM Project included a teaser video, which could very well be one of the television series in the works to which DeLonge alluded.

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