I am a MUFON field investigator and I have always been curious about a reported feature of many UFO sightings. That is: “Why does it go eerily silent when a UFO appears?”

I am sure many of us have been in the woods and noticed the choir like cacophony of crickets, birds, rattling leaves and other noises. Has it ever stopped, and you wonder what is going on? The silence can be deafening. Well, in that instance it could be that a predator is nearby and all of the lower members of the food chain go into silent mode so as not to become lunch.

show-covered road

Maybe you noticed the quiet that comes after a nice thick blanket of snow covers the environment. That too can create a calming hush upon the land. Of course, whether the silence comes from the noise makers quieting themselves or it is a product of sound dampening from the snow, these do not explain the physics at play during a UFO sighting.

What could possible account for this phenomena? I did a little research and discovered several possibilities.

Now, first we must acknowledge we do not “know” for a fact what physical forces UFOs use for propulsion or some other use. Likely, it is a technology we are not yet advanced enough to understand completely. But, if they are operating in our atmosphere they have to at least be playing by some of the known rules of physics.

It is known that magnetic fields, electric fields, or plasma fields can have an effect on sound waves or vice versa. If these are the forces displayed by UFOs, dampening could be an effect of their technology on sound itself. There may be changes in the pressure or density of the medium (air) that sound travels through, which could cause a change in the frequency resulting in a loss of our ability to hear the sound.

a guy holding lights

There may also be physiological effects from these fields on the human brain. Perhaps effecting our brains ability to process what we are hearing in a way that seems as though there is no sound at all. For example, when a traumatic event occurs people often feel time slow down, their whole life passes before them in an instant, and silence overtakes them. Maybe this is the explanation for the silence phenomena.

Whatever the cause, silence in a UFO event is a common occurrence. It is a form of physical evidence. The value of making a report, performing an investigation, documenting the results and sharing the data with others will hopefully lead to a better understanding of this phenomena.

I would love to hear what you think!