UFOs Over India: Interview with Hitesh K. Yadav

As a young(er) UFO researcher myself, it is quite refreshing to see many other younger people, both male and female, getting involved in a subject often seen as an old man’s game. But even more so, it’s rare to see younger people involved internationally. But that all changed in India this past year with the emergence of a young man named Hitesh K. Yadav. Not only has he gained visibility worldwide for his research, but he’s created the first ever UFO magazine in India. I was able to catch up with him mid-investigation for this written interview. It’s quite clear that the UFO field is bright and booming, and we have Hitesh to thank for the future of UFO studies. I hope you enjoy.

(Due to minor language barriers, interview responses have been altered slightly)

Hitesh K. Yadav

When and how did you first become interested in UFOs and how did you become a UFO researcher?
When I was thirteen years old, I came to know about aliens and UFO’s through TV shows like 
UFO Hunters and Uncovering Aliens . I was very much excited to watch them and really got motivated to think and explore more in this subject. I wanted something unique in my life. The UFO subject provided me a platform to learn and explore. And from the age of thirteen and on, I started doing some serious work in this field, including an investigation of the first alien implant case surgery from India.

What is your favorite UFO case out of India?
My favorite case is my mother’s close encounter with an alien entity when I was a five years old. The case had a negative impact on my mother’s health and emotions. So I really want to investigate that case after so many years and want to find out the detailed reality and evidence of the case which happened almost two decades ago.

How does your country react to UFO sightings and cases? Are they very open to it or is it not talked about in public?
Most of the time, Indian people don’t much think about UFOs. Even if they see a UFO, they just pass it on and don’t show any interest or efforts to share it with anyone. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, Indians aren’t very aware of UFOs and aliens. This lack of awareness is a major problem here, and that is why I created India’s largest UFO research team to make people aware, and to do scientific studies on UFOs and alien phenomena. Secondly, most of the people associate UFO sightings and phenomena to spiritual activities. They have their own spiritual and supernatural theories for UFO sightings.

Members of Disclosure Team India investigating a UFO case


What UFO researchers do you look up to most and why?
I really appreciate the work done by each and every UFO researcher in the field of Ufology. When I was younger, I really enjoyed watching television interviews with Stanton T. Friedman and Derrel W. Sims. They are some of the most experienced and senior UFO researchers, in my opinion. I follow their ideas and theories and heartily appreciate their field work and decades of research. The Ancient Aliens TV show came later here in India and the theories of Erich Von Daniken and Giorgio Tsoukalos are very interesting and informative, as well.

Why do you think that the United States is where most people believe UFO sightings occur?
I personally don’t believe that the United States is the biggest UFO hotspot. I think that UFO sightings are almost equal all around the world. They vary according to many factors such as human population and geographical locations. The reason why people think America is a major hotspot is because in America people are most aware about UFOs and aliens. But in other countries like India, people aren’t. If they were, I believe they’d definitely bring cases to the public to be researched. During the 60s and 70s, however, India had thousands and thousands of UFO sightings, and many books, including school text books, had descriptions included in them because it was so prevelent at the time.

Do you believe that we are being visited by extraterrestrials?
Definitely. I also believe they are coming here from billions of light years away. There are a lot of theories on what their agenda may be, but we have evidence of their existence like aliens implants and real and authenticated UFO photos and videos. Being UFO researchers, our aim should be to upgrade and update ourselves in this field. We can’t rely on any single theory to prove their existence and agenda.

Do you believe that UFOs could represent something other than extraterrestrials?
Yes. There are many theories. All we can do is work with the evidence we have. We can examine the evidence provided by people all around the world and then start to come to some sort of conclusion. This is what makes this subject fascinating and encourages UFO researchers to go deeper. One of my life goals is to bring some of these conclusions forward. It can be only done by support from UFO researchers from around the world and that’s what we are trying to do. There is a problem in the UFO field; There are a few people who are working solely for name and fame. While it’s important to get information out to the masses, it’s also important to appreciate the work of other senior ufologists. Their theories will be built upon and only then can we start to work towards a conclusion.

What UFO cases have you personally researched and which do you find most interesting?
Like I mentioned, I investigated India’s first alien implant case. I called Derrel W. Sims from America to help in the investigation and he came to India. The ideas and information shared by an experienced UFO researcher like Derrel W. Sims really helped me a lot to upgrade my research as well. We were able to surgically remove the implant from our patient’s body. It was exciting to investigate the alien implant case, but it was also very complicated as well. Our last case investigated in India is a case of alien footprints in southern India. My team investigated the case, along with a regional investigator. We were able to reach the area before any disturbance. There we found one foot long footprints in the field and they were all over the place.

Members of the Disclosure Team India interviewing witnesses

How did you come up with the idea to create UFO Magazine India?
Being a UFO researcher from India, I want to represent ancient Indian knowledge and Indian ufology in front of the whole world. Creating a magazine from India helps a lot in this case. It was my 19th birthday in December of 2016 and I spent my whole day thinking what to do next. That’s when I came up with the idea to start the magazine. Something serious and effective. And on January 30th of 2017, the first issue was released. While my English isn’t perfect, I have a clear aim to create milestones in India from a ufological angle. My aim was to make people aware of the UFO subject and also to acknowledge and appreciate the work of young UFO researchers around the world in order to make them work harder in the field. Our team is growing both in India and around the world and our columnist list is growing and growing.

Can you tell us a little about UFO Magazine India?
UFO Magazine India is the first UFO magazine released in India, focussing on UFOs, the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) and alien psychology. India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and has a very complicated and mysterious history, and the UFO phenomenon is included in that. There are endless misconceptions amongst the Indian population about extraterrestrial issues, therefore we want to remove these misconceptions and enhance the knowledge and attitude of Indian citizens towards this topic. India definitely needed a UFO magazine to stay aware and updated about UFOs and alien activities occurring worldwide. The editor, as well as the columnists, have put their best efforts forward to enhance the topic in order to make people aware. International researchers, as well as Indian researchers, have cooperated in the content and article publishing of the magazine. Let’s hope it is able to tingle the brains of people both nationally and internationally!

Yadov with UFO Magazine India

Where can we find your work and UFO Magazine India?
Along with the magazine, I’m also the founder of India’s largest UFO research organization, known as Disclosure Team India. Because of my work in the field, Indian media is also highlighting it on a national level. Here are the links to find more about my team:

Facebook : www.facebook.com/disclosure1617
Twitter : www.twitter.com/disclosure1617

All volumes of UFO Magazine India are available internationally via Amazon in both print and kindle editions. To learn more about Hitesh, his work, and to purchase the magazine, CLICK HERE

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