For those who follow the happenings of the UFO community, the paranormal community, or just the plain weird world we live in, it’s very likely you’ve come across the Euphomet podcast and it’s deeply dedicated host, Jim Perry. After a very successful first season of his acclaimed podcast, he’s coming back with season two with an entirely new approach. In an official press release from Planet Weird:

Host Jim Perry embeds himself once again with individuals whose lives have been transformed by the anomalous, including Devin Person, who uses ritual magick and hypnosis to help improve the lives of clients and strangers alike while fully embracing the archetype of a fantastical robed Wizard, and Carol Cleveland, a lifelong alien abductee who believes her lineage inspires harrowingly frequent visitations and a consentless existence.

For the first time, each episode released will feature an accompanying video vignette that will take the viewers deeper into the Euphomet experience. The video series is directed, shot and edited by Karl Pfeiffer (HELLIER) and will be released exclusively via Planet Weird’s Youtube Channel and available at

Season two will begin on June 11th, and new episodes will be available bi-weekly on Tuesdays. Perry isn’t an armchair researcher or podcaster. He’s a boots-on-the-ground interviewer who traveled across the United States to archive the strange stories and the people that tell them. In a Planet Weird exclusive, he stated:

“For the very first time Euphomet listeners will get to share visual space with myself and our featured subjects and Karl has really brought the project to life in a new way, that’s cinematic but feels raw and very real,” Jim Perry says. “It gives us another opportunity to show the humanity involved in the supernatural and give a face to the story.”

Some of those faces may be familiar to many truth-seekers out there, including Rogue Planet’s very own Ryan Sprague of the Somewhere in the Skies podcast. But some of the individuals are coming forward for the very first time to tell their extraordinary and personal stories of their reality being shifted in countless ways. If season 1 was any indication, this elevated version of season 2 will only solidify Perry’s place as one of the most innovative and empathetic collectors of stories out there today.

Screenshot by Karl Pfeiffer

Screenshot by Karl Pfeiffer

Screenshot by Karl Pfeiffer

Season Two can be found on the Euphomet podcast feed every other Tuesday starting June 11th in collaboration with media partners Planet Weird, MindPod Network, Audioboom, Evolve And Ascend, and the Third Thing Network. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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