The After Disclosure World to Come

This article was originally drafted on 3/31/2016, but my editors spiked it, and it was never published.

I thought it might be fun to discuss some implications of Disclosure and examine the notion of general open public contact with space-faring races.

Let’s say for the sake of storytelling: Imagine that our government and the governments of other world powers follow America’s lead and finally come clean with all of us about their dealing with space-faring races from around the galaxy.

Yes, there would be shock and awe when we get the straight story that we’re not alone in the universe.
The whole process, of course, will be as gentle as possible. Governments and the media will prepare us, with a drip, drip of information, then at some point a big reveal. Then one day, some high governmental agency or perhaps a Pentagon official will simply tell us the truth about the off-worlders, and the cat will be out of the bag.

Perhaps some high ranking members of the United Nations will host a press conference with the world media and introduce us to the diplomatic representatives from several space-faring races.

As you can imagine, these off worlders will suddenly be the news and pop culture darlings. The story will slam the news cycles for weeks, perhaps months, maybe even years.

I can see it now some well-known abductee will do a guest slot on Sixty Minutes with some of his/her off-world acquaintances of many years.

Perhaps the off-world folks who abducted Travis Walton of “Fire in the Sky” fame or maybe Whitey Strieber “Communion” will make a media appearance together, framed in a heartfelt reconciliatory context.

Of course, there might be political hearings of some sort demanded, by those who are troubled by the notion that governments lied to us about off-worlders. Yes, there might be a sticky credibility issue with voters about coming clean.

As a journalist in the press pool, I would want to ask. “If you’ve been lying about Aliens for 70 years, what else have you been lying to us about?”

On the darker side, those folks who can’t stand LGBTQA people will have somebody out of this world else to rant about and ban from restrooms. I can hear it now, “We can’t have those methane breathers using our water closets!”

I suppose it goes without saying, if you can’t handle with Queer folks, you’ll never be able to deal with exotic-looking off-worlders.

On the positive side, I foresee commercial brands hiring alien spokes-beings for hyping their product with the new hip off-world flavor.

Of course, swiftly everybody who had nothing nice to say about the UFO topic in the past will, overnight, become subject matter experts on the issue.

Universities will start offering Galactic Studies degree programs with off-world study programs. Perhaps there will be off-world tourism.

For a time, none of us will be able to get away from the topic because the media will bombard us with it, for a few years it will be all aliens-all-the-time. Of course, on late-night television, you might hear and see a commercial such as this:

(Announcer dialog)

“On July 8th, 2021, world governments announced confirmation of official contact with numerous space-faring alien races. If before this date you or your families have been:

(On-screen text)

  • Abducted by off worlders
  • Lost a marriage or child custody due to an abduction
  • Lost your job due to abduction or reporting UFO sightings
  • Lost professional licensing status for reporting UFO sightings
  • Lost livestock or suffered livestock mutilation
  • …or suffered other unspecified damages by contact with off worlders.

Under terms of new Galactic Treaties, you may be eligible for financial compensation.
The law firm of Jamison, Gaines, and Petrova is standing by to represent you. I am a non-attorney spokesperson.”

I ask, is this the shape of things to come?

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  1. All good points and relatively likely. After all, we humans adapt to anything. After the initial shock, its back to paying the mortgage and taking the kids to soccer, etc…

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