5 reasons to believe aliens are coming to Fortnite in season 10

Fortnite has released hundreds of skins since its release in 2017 and the designs have arguably come a long way. While most players prefer the human-like skins, there are plenty of outlandish, scary, and goofy outfits to choose from today. You can expect to see bananas and Demogorgons running around in any given match.

So why don’t we have an alien skin yet? There have been theories about aliens coming to Fortnite for a long time. But with season 10 just around the corner, there are plenty of reasons why this is the perfect time for Epic Games to finally bring extraterrestrial life to the game.

1. Extraterrestrial Emote

The “Extraterrestrial” dance inspired by the Howard the Alien meme is now frequenting the item shop. It only makes sense to pair it with a matching alien skin.

2. Bigfoot Skin

Epic Games

Fortnite isn’t shying away from weird skins with the recent release of Bigfoot in the item shop on June 29, 2019.

3. Previous Space Themes

If you’re an OG or just a Fortnite historian (is that a thing yet?), you’ll remember the space themes of season 3 and 4. In season 3, there were UFOs in the sky and an assortment of astronaut skins, including the beloved Leviathan.

Epic Games

This ultimately led to the beginning of season 4 with a meteor crashing down into Dusty Depot (rest in peace). We saw the Visitor come out of the meteor and eventually leave in a rocket. During the rocket event, we hear the Visitor say “Zero Point oscillators on,” which leads me to my next point.

4. The Zero Point

Fast-forward all the way to the end of season 9 and we now know what the Zero Point is.


Epic Games

After the showdown between the monster and robot, the Zero Point is at Loot Lake in the form of an orb that seems ready to explode and wreak havoc. We don’t know what the orb will do yet, but this amount of foreshadowing in a video game is pretty impressive. And how perfect would it be to tie it in with seasons past by creating a space-themed season again?

5. Area 51 Craze

The fact that millions of people are jokingly (we hope) RSVPing to an Alien 51 raid is taking the world by storm.  Brands and celebrities are pouncing on Area 51 memes like no other, so it makes sense for the most popular game in the world to do the same. If Epic Games releases alien skins and even creates a new Area 51 location for season 10, it will likely attract a lot of attention. 

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