A UFO in England Turned Out to be a Flying Banana

Residents of the English city of Bath reported observing a UFO flying over the city.

The incident occurred at approximately 9 p.m. on the night of August 22. Witnesses managed to capture the incident using a cell phone, and they sent the video to UK media outlet Summerset Live.

It’s difficult to really make out any details, but what the video does show is two unusual blue lights, seemingly in the night sky. The witness who filmed the incident is heard in the video expressing confusion and intrigue, and stating, “We’re not alone, are we?” The lights are only visible for a few seconds, then they dim out of sight.

Although the blue lights illuminating the sky look strange, Summerset Live was able to identify their source. According to a spokesperson from Network Rail—the owner/operator of Britain’s railway infrastructure—the unusual blue lights were from a flying banana, not a flying saucer.

The Flying Banana is apparently the most technically advanced train of its type in the world. Network Rail uses this train to monitor and record track condition information, helping to “identify faults before they become a safety issue or affect our performance.”

But how does a train explain lights in the sky?

This measurement train is loaded with technology like high-tech measurement systems, track scanners, and a high-resolution camera. It’s reportedly light from the trains measurement systems that produced the eerie glow. The train’s location in relation to the witnesses apparently created the false perspective that the lights were in the sky rather than on the ground in the distance.

The spokesperson assures, “The train travelling in the Bath area last night is certainly one of the most advanced on the network, but it’s not quite out of this world.”

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