More Details Released About New UFO Data Tool From TTSA

On Monday, August 26, UFO media and research company To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science released new information about its forthcoming VAULT UFO data tool.

The company’s VAULT—an acronym for Virtual Analytics UAP Learning Tool—was launched at the same time the company made its grand entrance in October 2017. But, back then, this public-facing database of sorts was called the Community of Interest. This is the area of TTSA’s website where it posted the much-publicized videos of UFOs recorded by air force pilots. It was rebranded as the VAULT shortly after, and has largely served as a one-way repository for the company’s research and analysis. But, based on new information from TTSA, the VAULT will open soon for data input from outside parties.

The press release describes:

“The VAULT’s functionality will include the collection, storage, search, and analysis of information regarding all events, eyewitness accounts, and data recordings that could shed light on anomalous advanced technology and capabilities world-wide. The database will be able to ingest various formats, languages, and data sources ranging from civilian, industry, academia, law enforcement, the United States Government, and other sovereign entities. This also includes data sets from aviation authorities, climatic data, sonar, and other like-sources.”

The VAULT will benefit from a companion mobile application called SCOUT (yep, another acronym)—Signature Collection of UAPs Tracker. This app sounds like it will bring some serious interactivity and public data to the VAULT, enabling real-time uploads, downloads, alerts, and analysis. The data users contribute to SCOUT will reportedly enable “real-time, global collaboration that will contribute vital information to the VAULT.” The company also plans to use SCOUT to share information from the VAULT directly with users.

TTSA anticipates the need for the VAULT to handle and analyze large amounts of data. So they’re looking to robots for help. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used “to triage and partition large amounts of information in order to discover signatures and patterns that could shed additional insight on the phenomenon.”

Lue Elizondo, the company’s Director of Special Programs, describes, “This is a first-of-its-kind capability that will enable both governments and global citizens to better understand the phenomena and move forward towards solving what many consider to be the greatest mystery in human history.”

The company is aiming to release both iOS and Android beta versions of the SCOUT app by the end of 2019.

TTSA views its VAULT as being vital to the company’s mission to advance human knowledge through the collection, exploration, and sharing of information.

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