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{TRIGGER WARNING: The numbers in this article may blow your mind! Read at your own risk!}

For a long time as a researcher, I’ve been trying to reconcile the disparity of how many people SEE UFOs vs. ACTUALLY reporting them.

The UFO Community Folk wisdom has been 1 in 10 persons say they’ve seen a UFO. Based on a USA adult population of 254.4 million adults; 10% would be 25.4 million adult persons observed a UFO. In that same wisdom, it’s been suggested that 1 in 10 of the observers reported it what they see. If that was true we would have 2,540,000 reported UFO sightings. So do we have 2.54 Million UFO Sighting reports?

NO! We have 146,800 compiled from NUFORC and MUFON data (2001-2018).

In a July 2017 poll sponsored by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, there was measured polling that indicated the 16.74% of American’s say they’ve seen a UFO. This metric gave us a new number to work with, suggesting that 1 in 6 adults have seen a UFO. That’s certainly more impressive than 1 in 10. Based again on our USA 254.4 million adult population, that works out to about 42,519,600 adults who say they saw a UFO.

Using that 1 in 6 percentage and 146,800 reported sightings, we calculated that roughly 1 in 290 persons, nationally, reported what they’ve seen. At the individual state level, taking into account actual state adult populations and the state level reported sighting, the ratio of sighting to report varies wildly from as little as 1 in 132 to as much as 1 in 478. An average calculated with individual state ratios amounted to 1 in 277, the variance is minor in the scheme of things.

Here’s the BIG NEWS! On September 6, 2019, Gallop Organization published a new UFO Poll that confirmed a metric of 16% of Americans say they’ve seen a UFO!

Given this confirmation, we felt comfortable with calculating actual sighting totals from the individual state ratios and their actual reported sightings. “One small Caveat, we made an assumption that the sightings were made over the past 18 years; since that was the bulk of the sighting reports in the past 30 years.”

We arrived at a mind-blowing number USA UFO observation total of 40,663,600 UFO sightings (2001-2018).

To help illustrate the impact at the state level, we generated two USA maps: The first with actual reports, the second with the estimate total sightings numbers at the state level.

USA Map 2001-2018

USA Map Based on 16%  and Estimated Sightings

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Cheryl Costa is a Journalist and UFO Statistics Analyst. She’s a veteran of two military services: Air Force and the Navy. She’s a retired Information Security professional from the Aerospace Industry. Cheryl was named “Researcher of the Year” at the 2018 International UFO Congress.

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