Somewhere in the Skies Launches New CASE FILES Web Series!

The amount of UFO sightings and cases throughout modern history, and even prior, is staggering. And while I try my best to cover as many as possible in both book and podcast form, there are cases that stand out and don’t get enough attention as I personally feel they deserve. That’s why I’ve launched a new web series on YouTube called Somewhere in the Skies: Case Files. Each episode covers one case, in fifteen minutes or less, accompanied by archived images, video, and everything in between. The hope is that many cases will be new to people and they can use this as a jumping-off point and go research the case themselves. It will also serve as a fun refresher coarse for the more experienced and veteran UFO enthusiasts out there. Below, you will find the first three episodes of the series, with many more to come. We’ll be posting the episodes right here on Rogue Planet as they release, and be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications over on the YouTube channel. If you have a case you’d like presented, or feedback on the presentations, be sure to contact us right here on Rogue Planet.  I hope you enjoy digging deep in to the case files, and keep looking up!

Subscribe to the CASE FILES by CLICKING HERE and watch the first three episodes below!

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