That’s Nasty | The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch season finale

On this episode of The Skinwalker Debrief, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch executive producer TJ Allard, Maureen Elsberry, and Jason McClellan dissect the season finale of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, and discuss the season as a whole.



Episode 10.20
Recorded on 06.03.20

Hosted by:

Music by Caleb Hanks
Produced by Rogue Planet

  1. I agree with y’all on the part where they need to have more resources at a certain place, at a certain time. FYI this is the first and only podcast/youtube video that I have viewed on the subject. Okay, so what about the Llamas/Alpacas? They get mutilated the first night they are there, right? The viewer was led to believe that the animals were being placed to provoke a response from something, right? For some reason no cameras, heat sensors, or any other equipment was placed directly at the enclosure. We just got some grainey, out-of-focus terrible video with horrific sounds of the animals being terrorized and mutilated, by some predetory animal or dare I say, Cryptid? WTF over? Thats like giving a person a meat-suit to swim in the ocean, and saying “Okay we’ll check back with you tomorrow.”

    I have experience running GPR and viewing its data. One basic rule is: if you plan to dig on an anomaly, you verify that the anomaly is there when you are ready to dig. All I see, is OOh OOh, OMG There’s something here. Let’s dig! Gotta get permission to dig. Ok some days go by and they finally get permission to dig, but no one is there with GPR, to see if they can re-create the anomaly that was found in the first place. Huge waste of money time and resources.

    1. I agree. What person would intentionally put another poor more feeble animal out to be killed or mutilated when it’s a given that would happen instead of shoring up all enclosures with chicken wire or stronger to keep predators out and better camera equipment. We work for humane treatment of animals. Another thing is the thing detected in the sky the first time looked like the lost weather balloon. I would have liked the fact that they checked out the closest airport for correlating sitings of flying objects.

      1. My radioactive material comment was deleted. I hope that no one gets hurt falling into the tank, whatever sort it is. They should invite experts from other places that know about radiation sicknesses firsthand.

  2. I forgot another thing. Maybe the echo under the house is some kind of holding tank or dumping site for radioactive material?

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