The Shag Harbour UFO Incident

On episode 181 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we celebrate the 53rd anniversary of the Shag Harbour UFO incident. On October 4th 1967, an unknown object appeared over the skies of a small fishing town in Nova Scotia. Tailing the object were five glowing, orange lights. Soon, the object and tailing lights made contact with the murky waters of Shag Harbour. After investigations from the Canadian Coast Guard, the RCMP, and the Canadian Armed Forces, and reports and speculation from witnesses, journalists, and UFO enthusiasts, the event would later become the most well-known UFO incident in Canada. In this episode, we take a look back to examine exactly what happened on the coast of Nova Scotia that night, and how much information surrounding the case, and its eerie similarities to the U.S. Navy UFO encounters of modern day. We are then joined by host, Jordan Bonaparte of the Night Time Podcast, and proud Nova Scotian, to hear his thoughts and theories on this extraordinary Canadian UFO case that remains a well-hidden gem in the annals of UFO history.

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The Shag Harbour Incident, a film by Michael MacDonald

Shag Harbour UFO Recounted – D P Jones

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Jordan Bonaparte – The Night Time Podcast

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