The O’Hare UFO Tapes

On episode 194 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan welcomes return guest, Steven Greenstreet. Greenstreet is a news reporter for the NY Post and a freelance filmmaker. He hosts the popular NY Post web series, The Basement Office. Today, he shares with us some stunning evidence from the 2006 O’Hare Airport UFO incident that he obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.It was November 7th, 2006 when a United Airlines employee on the tarmac at Gate C17 at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Suddenly, he noticed a dark grey metallic craft hovering below the cloud cover. He reported it to the tower, and suddenly dozens of people began witnessing the craft. The witnesses say it hovered for about five minutes before shooting upward, where it broke a hole in the clouds—enough that pilots and mechanics could see the blue sky. The news report became the most-read story on The Chicago Tribune’s website to that date and made international news. However, because the UFO was not seen on radar, the FAA called it a “weather phenomenon” and declined to investigate, stating there was no unknown craft. The audio you’ll hear from that day will prove otherwise.

Listen/watch the full FAA recordings at:

Full NARCAP report on the O’Hare Airport UFO incident can be found at:

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Special thanks to Sam Maranto, investigative researcher, for providing exclusive witness testimony audio featured in this episode.

Special thanks to @509thConductor on Twitter for the “Triangle emerging from water” CG rendering


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