BatmanStrangeDays_Still01-e1396590407315Celebrating 75 years of the Dark Knight, Warner Bros. Animation have released Bruce Timm’s new animated short, Batman: Strange Days, online.

You can see the short film (which pits Batman against Hugo Strange, hence the title) below, along with some official text from DC Entertainment.

The two-minutes-plus short is a (short) complete story, as opposed to last year’s Superman 75th Aniversary short, which was more just a montage of iconic imagery. While that short was criticized for skipping over some fairly significant moments and characters in order to make its larger point, the Batman short is really just a single story and, rather than a celebration of the character’s history, it’s more a look back at Batman’s roots; this version of the character would not be familiar to those who got to know him by growing up with Timm’s own Batman: The Animated Series and the feature film adaptations.