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MUSIC VIDEO: Deciphering Alien Transmissions

August 28, 2015 Jason McClellan

Scientists actively scan the skies for possible signals coming from extraterrestrial civilizations. These Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) initiatives have been underway for more than fifty years. But only two percent of the radio spectrum has been scanned so far.

SETI efforts recently received a sweet $100 million cash infusion courtesy of billionaire technology investor Yuri Milner, prompting the launch of the Breakthrough Listen initiative–the “most powerful, comprehensive and intensive scientific search ever undertaken for signs of intelligent life beyond Earth.”

I created this video for “Deciphering Alien Transmissions” presenting a satirical view of humans as they attempt to interpret an alien transmission. Because humans are dicks with a proclivity for violence, naturally, they decide the best course of action is to launch an attack against the unknown visitors. The extraterrestrials respond in kind to their hostile reception.

What are your thoughts about extraterrestrial communication? Do you think humans are capable of correctly interpreting alien transmissions or deciphering an extraterrestrial language? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is an author, podcaster, TV personality, veteran UFO researcher & journalist, bourbon enthusiast, ska and punk devotee, vegan, and animal lover. You might have seen him on NatGeo, Syfy, History, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discovery+, the CW, or at conferences and conventions talking about UFOs.