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Searching for Strange Beyond Skinwalker Ranch

May 11, 2023 Jason McClellan

HISTORY's hit TV series The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is currently in its fourth season of digging for evidence to explain all the strange activity experienced on this property in northern Utah. Now ranch owner Brandon Fugal's team is expanding its exploration beyond the ranch.

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch is the new one-hour nonfiction series announced by HISTORY on May 11. The official press release describes the show as follows:

Utilizing a team of reputable professionals working alongside “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” veterans including ranch owner, Brandon Fugal, Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist, Erik Bard, and Astrophysicist, Engineer and Lead Scientist, Travis Taylor, the series explores other sites of unusual activity and “high strangeness” phenomena in an effort to discover if the activity documented on Skinwalker Ranch is not only real, but pervasive.

The press release further describes others who will join the team, including "an award-winning investigative journalist," who, given his history with Skinwalker Ranch, is most likely KLAS investigative reporter George Knapp who co-authored the book Hunt For The Skinwalker. 

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch premieres Tuesday, June 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Jason McClellan

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