UFO Headlines 11/18/15

Fireworks or aliens? Just what was spotted in the Midlands? Deena Tanna was in the car passenger seat, when she spotted bright flashes in the sky, which she believes to be moving across the horizon. Could it be aliens or a distant firework display?
Alien communication: we’ll get back to you in 25,000 years In 1974, Earthlings sent a message to aliens. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the reply.
Alien Life On Earth-Size Exoplanet? Researchers Look For Clues Researchers have discovered an exoplanet that’s is a little bigger than earth and it is located close to the solar system. The newly found exoplanet could be potentially habitable, according to researchers from the Kavli Foundation.
NASA alien shock: Astronaut tweets shot of ‘UFO’ taken from International Space Station THEY say “the truth is out there” and alien hunters claim a NASA astronaut just handed them a piece of the puzzle after a “UFO” was spotted in a photograph he tweeted of his view from the International Space Station (ISS).
‘The Resonance’: ET’s & Humans To Come Together? New documentary, The Resonance, a film where experts not only provide proof of ET life but they also describe a new advanced world humanity is evolving into that includes community with ETs. We also asked her opinion on extraterrestrials and the state of human kind.

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is an author, podcaster, TV personality, veteran UFO researcher & journalist, bourbon enthusiast, ska and punk devotee, vegan, and animal lover. You might have seen him on NatGeo, Syfy, History, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discovery+, or at conferences and conventions talking about UFOs.

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