UFO Headlines 5/29/15

Showing of UFO film to help raise money for Greater Kent Historical Society – Kent Reporter People can go watch the historic UFO film “The Maury Island Incident” and help raise funds for the Greater Kent Historical Society.
Russian Sinkholes UFO ‘Entrance Holes’ For ‘Alien Base’ Below Ural Mountains, UFO Blog Proposes Are sinkholes in the Russian Ural Mountains actually entrance and exit holes for UFOs to fly in and out of an alien base below? That’s what one UFOlogist says.
Unidentified flying objects spotted in Blue Mountains were tribute to mum When two glowing objects were spotted floating across the night sky in the Blue Mountains on Wednesday people thought they were seeing UFOs.
UFOs – 10 mysterious sightings of life from afar in Lincolcnshire | Lincolnshire Echo View all the latest pictures in the gallery, UFOs – 10 mysterious sightings of life from afar in Lincolcnshire, on Lincolnshire Echo.
VIDEO: Is this a ‘Putin secret missile test’ or ‘weirdest UFO ever caught on camera?’ | Weird | News | Daily Express BIZARRE footage of a ‘UFO’ in Russia’s night sky has sparked fears the country’s leader Vladimir Putin has secretly ordered testing of long-range missiles.

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Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan

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