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Japan’s Government on UFOs [UNKNOWN—a UFO podcast]

September 14, 2020 Jason McClellan

[su_box title=”Episode Description”]The defense minister of Japan recently met with the U.S. secretary of defense. And they talked about UFOs. On this episode of the UFO podcast UNKNOWN, Jason McClellan talks about this meeting, then highlights other instances where high-level government officials in Japan have spoken publicly about UFOs . . . and aliens.[/su_box]

UPDATE: After this episode was recorded, Defense Minister Taro Kono announced Japan’s procedure for dealing with UFOs.

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RECORD DATE: 09.12.20
PUBLISH DATE: 09.14.20

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Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is an author, podcaster, TV personality, veteran UFO researcher & journalist, bourbon enthusiast, ska and punk devotee, vegan, and animal lover. You might have seen him on NatGeo, Syfy, History, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discovery+, the CW, or at conferences and conventions talking about UFOs.