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James Fox Delivers His Best UFO Film Yet

Filmmaker James Fox delivers his best work to date with his latest release, The Phenomenon.

If you’ve watched UFO documentaries during the past couple decades, chances are pretty good that you’ve seen one of James Fox’s films. Both Out of the Blue and I Know What I Saw are some of the best, most compelling documentaries on the subject of UFOs. And he’s successfully continued that trend with The Phenomenon, which was released to the world on October 6.

Filmmaker James Fox
Filmmaker James Fox

Like his previous films, The Phenomenon is powerful because it features testimony from, and interviews with, government officials and military personnel.

The film’s website describes:

“Including shocking never-before-seen testimony from high-ranking government and military officials, NASA Astronauts, and riveting footage, the timely film includes bombshell reveals about UAP incursions at nuclear weapon facilities and the monumental events behind the NY Times’ recent disclosure of UFO videos and The Pentagon’s classified UFO Program. Providing eye-opening evidence that mankind is not alone in the universe, Senator Harry Reid says, ‘The Phenomenon makes the incredible credible.’”

The Phenomenon is notably more polished than Fox’s previous offerings, and demonstrates the apparent progression of his storytelling skills. In addition to the movie’s exceptional archival footage and audio recordings, new in-person interviews add to the fascinating stories presented in this film.

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Fox revealed on the newly launched The Rogue Planet Show that preeminent UFO researcher Jacques Vallee was reluctant at first to contribute to The Phenomenon. But when he saw what Fox was doing, he eventually became a producer and consultant on this film. Vallee calls this “The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs.”

The Phenomenon is available on a variety of digital platforms. See the full list at

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